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Here are some of my favorite pornographic actresses. However, watching them in the act does not arouse me because it feels like a violation for both parties; for them because they are exposing their most intimate orifices (notice how NO Hollywood actress - not even Kate Winslet or Angelina Jolie early in her career - has ever revealed her anus on celluloid? Like the act of showing to the world that they have an orifice of evacuation would permanently tarnish their desirability to the male gaze) to the world for a low paycheck, and on my end because I am watching a mechanical, crudely shot, non-tactile and poorly written scene which required no technical skills or creativity whatsoever.

These days, I stick to the pictures in which they have clothes, or just watch the beginnings of erotic movies and skip through all the nudity and sex.


Zoe Voss


Malena Morgan

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