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10-10-2009, 03:18 AM
Here is a small selection of new arrivals we have got in this week. For an updated list view our online store at:

7 Seconds/Kill Your Idols 7"
Animal Instinct - Stick Like Glue 7"
Bite Down - Doomsday Machine 7"
Brain Killer - s/t 7"
Brutal Knights - Terrible Evenings 7"
Fy Fan - Ah Nej 7"
Guilty Faces - Nghtmares 7"
Masshysteri - s/t 7"
Middle Class - Out Of Vogue 7"
Mob 47 - Dom Ljuger Igen 7"
Seein' Red/ Antidote 7"
The Defense - Statement 7"
Winterswijk Chaos Front - s/t 7"

7 Seconds - Old School LP
Adolescents - Complete Demos 1980 - 1986 LP
Brutal Knights - Living By Yourself LP (euro release)
Burial - Speed At Night 12"
Circle Jerks - Wild in The Streets LP
Commitment Crew - What Are You? LP
Corrosion Of Conformity - Eye For An Eye LP
Dayglo Abortions - Feed US.A. Fetus Lp
Dean Dirg - Four Successive Blasts LP
Descendents - Cool To Be You LP
Descendents - I Don't Want To Grow Up LP
Descendents - Milo Goes To College LP
Direct Control - Farewell LP
Fall Of Efrafa - Inlé Doppel LP
Fall Of Efrafa - Owsla LP
Fear - The Record LP
Government Warning - Parnoid Mess LP
Guilty Faces - Domestic Bliss LP
Ill Repute - What Happens Next / Oxnard Land Of No Toilet LP
Insurance Risk - Violence In Our Minds LP
Iron Age - Constant Struggle LP
Kill Your Idols - Funeral For A Feeling LP
Marginal Man - Identity LP
SNFU - And No One Else Wanted To Play LP
Social Unrest - Rat In A Maze 12"
Suicidal Tendencies - s/t LP
The Meatmen - Crippled Children Suck LP
V.A. Let Them Know 2xLP / CD / DVD / Buch
V.A. NYHC Where The Wild Things Are LP
Wasted Time - And So It Goes LP
Wasted Time - Futility LP

Dean Dirg - Three Successive Blasts 10"
Seein'Red/Catweazle 10"

7 Seconds - Good To Go CD
Black Market Baby - Coulda...Shoulda...Woulda CD
Blast - The Power Of Expression CD
Blast - Take The Manic Ride CD
Burial - Hungry Wolves CD
Cause For Alarm - s/t CD
Descendents - Everything Sucks CD
DRI - The Dirty Rotten CD
DYS - Brotherhood CD
F.U.'s - Do We Really Want To Hurt You CD
F.U.'s - Kill For Christ CD
F.U.'s - My America CD
Fucked Up - Singles Collection CD
In My Eyes - The Demo CD
Jerry's Kid's - Is This My World CD
Kid Dynamite - s/t CD
Kid Dynamite - Shorter, Faster, Louder CD
Martyrdöd – Sekt CD
Mouthpiece - Can't Kill What's Inside CD
Negative Approach - Total Recall CD
No For An Answer - You Laugh CDep
Sick Of It All - s/t CDep
Slapshot - Step On It/Back On The Map CD
Social Distortion - Mommy's Little Monster CD
Suicidal Tendencies - s/t CD
Swizz - No Punch Pulled CD
TSOL - Weathered Statues + s/t CD
V.A. Let Them Know CD / DVD / Book
Wasted Time - 2005-2009: 4 Years Of Futility CD
Wrecking Crew - 1987 - 1991 CD

Another State Of Mind - DVD

Fucked Up - Tape
No Hope For The Kids - Discography Tape
Tragedy - s/t Tape

All Ages: Reflections On Straight Edge Book
American Hardcore: A Tribal History Book
Henry Rollins - Get In The Van Book
Lexicon Devil: The Fast Times And Short Life Of Darby Crash
Radio Silence Book

Big Boys - Skate For Fun Shirt
Bl'ast - The Power Of Expression Shirt
Black Flag - My Rules Shirt
Capitalism - Shirt
Capitalist Casualties - Logo Shirt
Corrosion Of Conformity - Shirt
Descendents - Everything Sucks Shirt
Descendents - Milo Shirt
DRI - Violent Pacification Shirt
Final Conflict - War? Shirt
Fuck Racism - Shirt
Fucked Up - Logo Shirt
Good Night White Pride - Shirt
Heresy - Mosh Team Shirt
Infest - Threat Shirt
Kill Your Idols - Logo Shirt
Life'sBlood - Shirt
MDC - Multi Death Corporations Shirt
MDC- Police/Klan Shirt
Negative Approach - Face Shirt
No Hope For The Kids - Shirt
Ripcord - Shirt
RKL - Beanie Boy Shirt
Septic Death - Hydro Child Shirt
Septic Death - Kichigai Shirt
So Much Hate - Shirt
SS Decontrol - Al Shirt
SS Decontrol - Logo Shirt
Wasted Youth - Diver Shirt
Wasted Youth - Young & Bored Shirt
Wipers - Logo Shirt
Wipers - Logo Shirt
Youth Brigade - Skinhead Shirt
We have the shirts in S, M, L, XL, XXL and we have most of the designs on Hooded Sweater, Sweater, Girlies etc. as well.

Bad Brains - Button
Bad Religion - Button
Born Against - Button
Capitalism - Button
Career Suicide - Button
Clash - Button
Dead Kennedys - Button
Descendents - Button
Fear - Button
From Ashes Rise - Button
Fucked Up - Button
Fugazi - Button
Hüsker Dü - Button
MDC - Button
Minor Threat
Misfits - Button
Ramones - Button
Reagan Youth - Button
RKL - Button
Septic Death - Button
Siee - Button
So Much Hate - Button
Subhumans - Button
Suicidal Tendencies - Button
Verbal Assault - Button
Void - Button
Wipers - Button

College Jacket black with black sleeves
College Jacket black/black Straight Edge (backprint)
College Jacket black/black Youth Crew (backprint)
College Jacket black/black Crucial Response (backprint)
College Jacket blue with white sleeves
College Jacket blue/white Youth Crew (backprint)
College Jacket blue/white Straight Edge (backprint)
College Jacket blue/white Crucial Response (backprint)
College Jacket black with white sleeves
College Jacket black/white Crucial Response (backprint)
College Jacket black/white Straight Edge (backprint)
College Jacket black/white Youth Crew (backprint)
College Jacket red with white sleeves
College Jacket red/white Straight Edge (backprint)
College Jacket red/white Youth Crew (backprint)
College Jacke Girls maroon/white
College Jacke Girls black/black
College Jacke Girls black/black
College Jacket red/white Crucial Response (backprint)
We have the jackets in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. We can print the jacket with anything you want. For more information get in touch.

Wood Cutter Shirt:
Wood Cutter Shirt black karo
Wood Cutter Shirt brown karo
Wood Cutter Shirt navy karo
Wood Cutter Shirt red karo
We have the Wood Cutter Shirt in S, M, L, XL, XXL. We can print the jacket with anything you want. For more information get in touch.

Aaron Sneaker (Black)
Coach Trainer Sneaker (Black)
Dood Sneaker (Red)
Dood Sneaker (Black)
Dood Sneaker (Stone)
Dood Sneaker (White)
Luna Sneaker (Brown)
Panther Sneaker (Black)
Racourt Sneaker (White)
Retread Wombat Sneaker (Black)
Spider Sneaker (Green)
Spider XT Sneaker (Black Hemp)
Spider XT Sneaker (Grey)
Trail Legend Sneaker (Grey)
Veg Supreme Sneaker (Black)
Veg Supreme Sneaker (Brown)
Wombat Sneaker (Brown)
X Trainer Sneaker (Black)
X Trainer Sneaker (Brown)
X Trainer Sneaker (Olive/Red)
X Trainer Sneaker (White)
We have most of the sizes from 36 - 46. All shoes are made for vegans/vegetarians.

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