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07-12-2009, 06:08 AM
Soft Clicks x2

This the second press of the Death Is Not Glamorous LP 'Soft Clicks' . The 1st pressing has flown out at a fine old pace - the second press will be 500 copies on transparent yellow vinyl. 200 copies are going straight to the band to sell on their summer tour which starts in July. Copies direct from us online are going to be limit so pre-order a copy to guarantee you dont miss out.
12 new tracks which will not disappoint fans of the demo, splits and 7" but this record will wake up a whole lot more people around the world. The songs showcase a constantly evolving sound which is still based around the winning hardcore punk formula but reflects more melody and more variety.

Soft Clicks Summer Tour
24/7 @ Mosh Valley Fest, Maasmechelen - BEL
25/7 @ Liwi, Leipzig - GER
26/7 @ FLUFF FEST - CZ
27/7 @ Bandhaus, Wiener-Neustadt - AUS
28/7 @ Durer-Kert, Budapest - HUN
29/7 @ Ambassador Club, Bistrita - ROM
30/7 @ Stolovka, Kiev - UKR
31/7 @ TBA, Minsk - BEL
01/8 @ Love Summer Fest, Valmiera - LAT
03/08 @ Residence, Moscow - RUS
04/08 @ TBC, Vladimir - RUS
05/08 @ Zoccolo, St Petersburg - RUS
06/08 @ Sompasaari Squat, Helsinki - FIN
07/08 @ TBA, Turku - FIN
11/08 @ Funhouse, Oslo - NOR


* the Ironclad 7" is great and is still available.
* Deal With It are heading on tour this summer including an appearance at Ielper (www.myspace.com/dealxwithxit)
* Dirty Money are driving to Europe right now to play 3 shows with Cold World
* BF29 have a new CD and LP out - check out store to get a copy of 2009
* We are hoping to release new 7"s from DING and D&O at some point in the future
* Out next release will be the Dirty Money LP which will be out when it is out. Things will be a bit quiter from D&G for the near future due to the arrival of Lilly Wiles.
* Check out the KINGDOM OF FEAR zine and comp if you want to hear some good UK hardcore.
* Have a good summer!


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07-12-2009, 08:51 AM