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06-04-2009, 02:52 AM
Shield Recordings Update May 2009.

- Antillectual “Pull the Plug” 7 inch.
- Checkout our latest releases
- Resent webstore additions.

Antillectual “Pull the Plug” 7 inch.


Shield Recordings is proud to announce that our last release before the summer will be an acoustic 7 inch by Antillectual called “Pull the Plug”. “Pull the Plug” will contain 2 brand new songs and 2 older songs all done acoustic. The release date for “Pull the Plug” is set to July 5th and will be celebrated with an acoustic show at Knoflook in Den Bosch that same day. Oh and Mischief Brew is also playing to make the party even bigger!

A new acoustic song called “the hunt is on” can be downloaded at: www.shieldrecordings.com/media (http://www.shieldrecordings.com/media) and www.myspace.com/shieldrecordings (http://www.myspace.com/shieldrecordings).

Pre-orders for “Pull the Plug” are available know at:
www.shieldrecordings.com/distro (http://www.shieldrecordings.com/distro)

Pre-orders will get:
- Limited coloured vinyl.
- A silk screened cover.
- A download code to download the songs for your I-pod/ Computer etc.

Pre-order now and have the chance to win a test press of this amazing 7 inch.

So pre-order now: www.shieldrecordings.com/distro (http://www.shieldrecordings.com/distro)

Check out our latest Releases:


When you’re pre-ordering the new Antillectual 7 inch also check out our latest releases (and maybe order them along):

The Real Danger – 2 song 7 inch:
2 brand new songs from The Real Danger. For fans of Descendents and Face to Face.

Rentokill – the O.S.E. picture 12 inch.
Limited 4 song picture 12 inch from one of the hardest working punk bands in Europe.

Smash the Statues – When fear is all around us CD/LP.
2nd full length of this political hardcore punk outfit and the best till date. For fans of Strike Anywhere, Rise Against and Propagandhi.

The Hunger – Hope against hope MCD/ 12 inch.
Extremely heavy hardcore, for fans of Integrity, Entombed and Cursed. Limited clear vinyl running out fast!

Antillectual – Silencing Civilization CD/ LP.
Re-release of Antillectual’s debut full length. Re-mastered for a better sound and for the first time available on good old vinyl.

For more info about our latest releases check www.shieldrecordings.com (http://www.shieldrecordings.com) for MP3’s etc.

Resent webstore additions.


We did a huge update on our webstore over the last week and added some great records. To name a few:
High five drive – Fullblast CD
Jughead's Revenge - Image is Everything CD
Jughead's revenge - Just Joined CD
Jughead's Revenge - Pearly gates CD
New Morality – Fear of nothing CD/LP
Static Radio – an evening with bad decisions CD/LP
Rising Tide - Burning Horizons MCD (also available for trades/ wholesale).
Ritual – beneath aging flesh and bones CD/LP
This is a Standoff – be disappointed CD
Vogue – 2006-2008 CD

And many, many more. Check out www.shieldrecordings.com/distro (http://www.shieldrecordings.com/distro).

That’s all for now, thank you for reading and we’ll hope to see you all at a show somewhere.

Fieke & Gert-Jan

New releases/ pre-orders:
SLD 021 – Antillectual – Pull the Plug 7 inch
SLD 020 - The Real Danger - 2 track 7 inch single
SLD 019 - Rentokill - THE O.S.E. 12 inch picture EP
SLD 018 – Smash the Statues – When Fear is all around us CD/LP
SLD 017 – The Hunger – Hope Against Hope MCD/ 12 inch Vinyl

Latest release:
SLD 016 – Antillectual – Silencing Civilization CD/LP
SLD 015 – Atlas Losing Grip – Shut the world out CD
SLD 014 – Said and Done – Endless Roads MCD/ 7 inch

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