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Originally posted by robdobi [/I];201980]

i saw keepsake open for someone at the el n gee in CT sometime around 2002, right around when the arnold soundboard debuted on ebaumsworld and was making its rounds on the net.

at one point the singer was all "whoever bootlegged our last show here and put it on napster, fuck you, that isn't cool"

almost instantly some kid comes back with a dead on "STOP WHINING"

the singer, obviously not getting it had some more "fuck yous" to throw around about the incident and the same kid comes back with "I'M A COP YOU IDIOT"

at this point the band doesn't know what to make of it while the audience is laughing and everyone is yelling either "I'M DETECTIVE JOHN KIMBALL" or "WHO IS YOUR DADDY AND WHAT DOES HE DO!"

then there was the time i saw brand new / recover / further seems forever at suny purchase.

the show was doomed from the get go, there were about 500 horrible opening bands, and right as recover took the stage the power went. they said "fuck it" and took all their gear down.

about an hour later the situation was figured out and the power was back and brand new was ready to take the stage. 11 seconds into their first song and the power goes again.

30 minutes later brand new starts playing and there are no more power issues. at this point it is getting late due to so many opening bands / the power issues and it looks like FSF are kinda grumpy.

during the set this one heckler was pretty drunk and kept ribbing on the fat guitar player. finally the fat guy had enough and said some strange insult like "you need to get a new hat".

i guess the kid must have loved his hat because he practically charged the stage and the dude from FSF went to grab him, but he accidently fell face first off the stage and landed on his guitar.

the kid was escorted out and i saw recover walking around the parking lot afterwards with 2 x 4's in their hands looking for him and his friends.

oh, and then there was the time the guy from DEP swung his guitar at a kid and hit him straight in the chest, that was hilaaaaarious.

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