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D&G News : April 2009

Ironclad 7"/Digital Download Pre Order!


This is a pre-order for debut 7" from Ironclad. This record is a
throwback to what D&G built is foundations on. Honest, straight up,
youthful and angry hardcore with no frills and nothing to hide.
Hardcore has been looking good on this island over the past few months
and part of that has been down to this South Wales band who have
worked hard since the release of their demo tape. The demo and live
shows got our attention. This 7" moves on from the demo and these 5
songs are HARD and will get you moshing, guaranteed. They are
hardcore in the vein of Right Brigade, Chorus & Striking Distance.

If you like your hardcore genuine - listen to the track 'Cruel Face'
on our myspace or check out www.myspace.com/ironcladhc and then click,
order, paypal and then sit back, relax and wait for a nice slab of
vinyl to hit your mailbox.

* all 7" orders will get a free digital download which includes the 7"
and the demo. 9 tracks in total

Pre-order and you will get the 7" on nice colour vinyl entered into a
raffle to win a test press

- We will also be giving away 1 free D&G CD of your choice. Please
pick from the records below and make sure you enter which CD you want
in your order

* Death Is Not Glamorous 'Undercurrents'
* Deal With It 'World Coming Down'
* Nothing Done 'Powertrip'
* Fifty On Red
* Break It Up 'No Sides'
* Down & Outs 'Friday Nights, Monday Mornings'

nice deal for 3.50 + postage - right?

Ironclad have shows booked in the UK and some mainland fests. Check
www.myspace.com/ironcladhc to keep a track on their movements.


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'Soft Clicks' - 2nd Press Pre Order / DING Tours, tours, tours and
more tours

Death Is Not Glamorous are burning a trail across Europe this spring
and then again throughout summer. The 1st pressing has flown out at a
fine old pace - the second press will be 500 copies on transparent
yellow vinyl. 200 copies are going straight to the band to sell on
their summer tour which starts in July. Copies direct from us online
are going to be limited so pre-order a copy to guarantee you dont miss

** Lp's should ship late June to early July. - Pre-order and you will
get entered into a raffle to win a 'Soft Clicks' test press and we're
giving you a free CD. See above in the Ironclad blurb for the list to
pick from

DING are on tour from 30th April through to May 16th. They head out
further east from 24th July to 8th August. This includes an appearance
at Fluff Fest and visits to Ukraine, Romania and Russia. Finally to
help them relax there will be a tour of Spain and Portugal with Day Of
The Dead. All dates are constantly updated @


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D&G Releases We have recently just sold out of the DING
'Undercurrents' 7", Dirty Money/Trapped Under Ice 7" and the Black
Friday '29 LP. No current plans to repress any of the records. Some
distros and stores may still have copies.

Dirty Money are now concentrating on writing for their debut LP
which we are excited to be releasing in late 2009. Expect big things.
The band are playing the occasional show in the UK and on the mainland
so check their page for updates www.myspace.com/thedirtymoney


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