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12-29-2008, 04:02 PM
Happy holidays and best wishes for 2009!

Here is a small selection of new arrivals we have got in this week. For an updated list view our online store at:

86 Mentality - Final Exit 7"
Amdi Petersens Arme - Blod Ser Mere Virkligt Ud Da Film 7"
American Nightmare - Demo 7"
Annihilation Time - Cosmic Unconsciousness 7"
Anti You - Making Your Life Miserable 7"
Bombenalarm / Armagedom - split 7"
Brutal Knights - Life Ain't Cool 7"
Brutal Knights - My Life, My Fault 7"
Chronic Seizure - s/t 7"
Citizens Patrol - Dead Children 7"
Citizens Patrol - Sick Routine 7"
Civic Progress - Petroleum Man 7"
Coptic Times - Tempation 7"
Cross Laws - Ancient Rites 7"
Deep Sleep - Manic Euphoria 7"
Deep Sleep - Your're Screwed 7"
Destroy L.A. - Vandalize 7"
Die Kreuzen - Cows And Beer 7"
Direct Control - s/t 7"
Dödsdömd - Seven Deadly Sins 7"
Double Negative - Raw Energy 7"
Framtid / Seein' Red - split 7"
Government Issue - Make An Effort 7"
Human Mess - Uncaged Animal 7"
Internal Affairs - Deadly Visions 7"
Kill Your Idols - Salmon Swim Upstream 7"
Mental - Demo II 7"
Middle Class - Out Of Vogue 7"
No Hope For The Kids - Angels Of Destruction 7"
Police And Thieves - Amor Y Guerra 7"
Regulations - Different Needs 7"
Reprobates - Stress 7"
Sick Mormons - s/t 7"
The Wax Museums - The Magnet 7"
Time To Escape - s/t 7"
Tragedy / Totalitär 7"

Adolescents - Welcome To Reality 10"
Blood For Blood - Livin' In Excile 10"
Bad Brains - Omega Sessions 10"

Adolescents - s/t LP
Bad Brains - Black Dots LP
Bad Brains - Build A Nation LP
Blood For Blood - Revenge On Society LP
Brat Pack - Hate The Neighbours LP
Brutal Knights - Living By Yourself LP
Chronic Seizure - Ancient Wound LP
Dag Nasty - Can I Say LP
Dag Nasty - Wig out at Denkos LP
Dead Nation - Passing Phase LP
Dean Dirg - Raus LP
Die Kreuzen - s/t LP
DS 13 - Vad vet vi om kriget? LP
F.P.O./Seein' Red - split LP
Faith / Void split LP
Fucked Up - Let Likes Be Cured By Likes LP
Gepopel - Complete 1982-85 LP
Geriatric Unit - Distance And Damage LP
Gewapend Beton - Empty Batteries 12"
Hatebreed - Satisfaction is The Death Of Desire LP
Insted - Live At CBGB LP
Internal Affairs - s/t LP
Kill Your Idols - From Companionship To Competition LP
Lifetime - s/t LP
Nation Of Ulysses - 13 Point Programm To Destroy America LP
Nation Of Ulysses - Plays Pretty For Baby LP
No Hope For The Kids - s/t LP
One Last Wish - 1986 LP
Paint It Black - New Lexicon LP
Reagan Youth - Volume 1 LP
Regulations - Electric Guitar LP
Regulations - s/t LP
Resist -We Want Our World Back 12"
Sick Of It All - Call To Arms LP
Terror - Always The Hard Way LP
Terror - Lowest Of The Low LP
Terror - One With The Underdogs LP
Victims - Killer LP
Vitamin X - Full Scale Assault LP
Vogue - Dick Faced LP
Wolfbrigade - Comalive LP
Youth Of Today - We're Not In This Alone LP

Adolescents - s/t CD
Bad Brains - Rock For Light CD
Betrayed - Addiction MCD
Carry On - A Life Less Plagued CD
Carry On - It's All Our Blood CD
Circle Jerks - Group Sex CD
Dag Nasty - Can I Say CD
Faith / Void split CD
Fucked Up - Epics In Minutes CD
Give Up The Ghost - Year One CD
Have Heart - The Things We Carry CD
Insted - Proud Youth: 1986 - 1991 CD
Knockdown - s/t CD
Lion Of Judah - Soul Power MCD
No Warning - Ill Blood CD
No Warning - s/t CD
Our Turn - Catch Your Breath CD
Resist - We Want Our World Back MCD
Stand & Fight - s/t CD
Up Front - Spirit CD
V.A. 20 Years of Dischord 3x CD
Wide Awake - 25 Song Discography CD
One Last Wish - 1986 CD

American Hardcore DVD
Another State Of Mind - DVD
Government Issue - A HarD.C.ore Days's Night DVD
H2O - One Life, One Chance DVD
N.Y.H.C. - Documentary Double DVD
Punk Attitude Double DVD

Dogtown: The Legend of the Z-Boys Book
John Joseph - The Evolution Of A Cro-Magnon Book
Live at the Masque: Nightmare in Punk Alley Book
Out Of Vogue - Book
Punk Is Dead: Punk Is Everything Book

Abused - Loud And Clear Shirt
Black Flag - My War Shirt
Born Against - Shirt
Career Suicide - Suicide Shirt
Cause For Alarm - Shirt
Corrosion Of Conformity - Shirt
Crucifix - Dehumanization Shirt
Die Kreuzen - Shirt
Fear - Logo Shirt
Fear - Shirt
Fuck Racism - Shirt
Fucked Up - Logo Shirt
Germs - Shirt
Get The Most - Common Goals Shirt
Get The Most - Moment In Time Shirt
Government Issue - Logo Shirt
Hüsker Dü - Shirt
Koro - Logo Shirt
MDC- Police/Klan Shirt
Negative Approach - Exorzist Shirt
Scream - Shirt
Septic Death - Shirt
Straight Ahead - Shirt
The Dicks - Hammer and Sickle Shirt
Urban Waste - Logo Shirt
Void - Logo Shirt
Void - Shirt
Youth Brigade - Skinhead Shirt
We have the shirts in S, M, L, XL, XXL and we have most of the designs on Hooded Sweater, Sweater, Girlies etc. as well.

College Jacket black with black sleeves
College Jacket black/black Straight Edge (backprint)
College Jacket black/black Youth Crew (backprint)
College Jacket black/black Crucial Response (backprint)
College Jacket blue with white sleeves
College Jacket blue/white Youth Crew (backprint)
College Jacket blue/white Straight Edge (backprint)
College Jacket blue/white Crucial Response (backprint)
College Jacket black with white sleeves
College Jacket black/white Crucial Response (backprint)
College Jacket black/white Straight Edge (backprint)
College Jacket black/white Youth Crew (backprint)
We have the jackets in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. We can print the jacket with anything you want. For more information get in touch.

Coach Trainer Sneaker (Black)
Luna Sneaker (Brown)
Panther Sneaker (Black)
Racourt Sneaker (White)
Retread Wombat Sneaker (Black)
Spider Sneaker (Green)
Spider XT Sneaker (Black Hemp)
Spider XT Sneaker (Grey)
Trail Legend Sneaker (Grey)
Veg Supreme Sneaker (Black)
Veg Supreme Sneaker (Brown)
Wombat Sneaker (Brown)
X Trainer Sneaker (Brown)
X Trainer Sneaker (Olive/Red)
X Trainer Sneaker (White)
We have most of the sizes from 36 - 46. All shoes are made for vegans/vegetarians.

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