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12-19-2008, 05:19 PM
Hey everyone check out Sing it Loud new cd Come Around on sale on iTunes for $7.99. Check out Sing it Loud this February when they hit the road with Ludo,This Providence,and The Morning Light.

http://www.fan2band.com/di/epitaph/singitloud/106026_2396_43_3227.jpg (http://www.fan2band.com/dl/epitaph/singitloud/106026_2396_43_3227)

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12-20-2008, 05:13 AM
is he the bassist?

Dude Beer
12-20-2008, 09:13 AM
I just listened to this band on myspace and holy shit they are fucking terrible. How in God's name did they get on Epitaph? I mean, I can stomach some real bad pop rock, but these guys are in no way whatsoever trying to do anything unique or interesting.

Goddammit their music makes me so angry. I'm being serious. Please tell me, promo spam person what about this band you enjoy so much that you would take the time to copy and paste this message all over the internet? tytytytytytyty.


12-20-2008, 03:02 PM
Bagel Pizza>Sing It Loud