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09-19-2008, 01:34 AM
- Atlas Losing Grip “Shut the world out” CD out now + Euro tour.
- Antillectual “Cilencing Sivilization” CD/ LP re-release pre-orders.
- The Hunger “Hope Against Hope” CD pre-orders.
- Shield Recordings online distro update.

Atlas Losing Grip “Shut the world out” CD out now + Euro tour.


Atlas Losing Grip debut CD “Shut the world out” is available now at our webstore or at our distro at shows anywhere. For people unknown to Atlas Losing Grip: Atlas Losing Grip is a Punk rock band form Lund, Sweden. Atlas Losing Grip play’s (skate) punkrock which is influenced by bands such as Satanic Surfers, Adhesive, Venerea and Good Riddance to name a few. For a preview of this album go to www.shieldrecordings.com (http://www.shieldrecordings.com) or even better www.myspace.com/atlaslosinggrip (http://www.myspace.com/atlaslosinggrip) (there are 6 songs of the new album available!).

From September 17th on Atlas losing Grip will be touring Europe to promote their new album “Shut the world out”. There are still a few gaps in the schedule, so if anybody can help us out please send an e-mail to info[@]theshieldhardcore.com, the dates are:
17-09-08 – DE- Hamburg – Riff
18-09-08 – NL – Leeuwarden – Mukkes
19-09-08 – NL – Nijmegen - De Bijstand
20-09-08 – NL/BE – Need Help!
21-09-08 – BE – Leuven – the Sojo
22-09-08 – DE – Need Help!
23-09-08 – DE – Nordrhein Westfalen – Gasthaus Muck
24-09-08 – DE/AT – Need Help!
25-09-08 – IT – Gorizia – Pieffe Factory
26-09-08 – IT – Vicenza – Bar Sartea
27-09-08 – IT – Milan – CS Vittoria
28-09-08 – IT – Pontenure – Mojito Club
29-09-08 – AT – Payerbach – Entro P’s
30-09-08 – CZ – Ostrave – Club Boomerang
01-10-08 – DE/CZ – Need Help!
02-10-08 – DE – Bergkamen
03-10-08 – NL – Arnhem – Café the stage
04-10-08 – BE – Aarschot – Funtime Festival @ Jc de Klinker
05-10-08 – DK – Copenhagen – TBA

Antillectual “Silencing Civilization” CD/ LP re-release, pre-orders up now.

On the 4th of October Shield Recordings will re-release Antillectual’s first full length album “Silencing Civilization”. Silencing Civilization was originally released on CD by Angry Youth records. Shield Recordings will release Silencing Civilization on CD and for the first time ever on good old vinyl! This release will be a remastered version, done by Nico van Montfort who (www.myspace.com/xpzsound (http://www.myspace.com/xpzsound)) also produced their latest album “Testimony”. The sound quality has been raised enormously, we must add!
The vinyl version will be released on nice colored vinyl.
Pre-orders are up in our store now, check www.shieldrecordings.com/distro (http://<font face="Verdana"><a href="http://www.shieldrecordings.com/distro" target="_blank"><font color="windowtext">www.shieldrecordings.com/distro</font></a></font>), and will be available for shipping around October 4th.

Antillectual is touring there asses of thru Europe (right now, with JenaBerlinwww.myspace.com/jenaberlin (http://<font face="Verdana"><a href="http://www.myspace.com/jenaberlin" target="_blank"><font color="windowtext">www.myspace.com/jenaberlin</font></a></font>)), and the USA (okt/ nov). Check www.antillectual.com (http://<font face="Verdana"><a href="http://www.antillectual.com/" target="_blank"><font color="windowtext">www.antillectual.com</font></a></font>) for shows near you, go to the show and support this amazing band!

The Hunger “Hope Against Hope” CD pre-orders.

Also available from our webstore right now is the CD version of The Hunger’s debut “Hope against Hope”. “Hope Against Hope” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Nico van Montfort (www.myspace.com/xpzsound (http://www.myspace.com/xpzsound)), and we can say no less than that he did an amazing job!
For those unknown to The Hunger: The Hunger is a relatively new hardcore band from the north of the Netherlands. Their sound can be best described as extremely heavy hardcore with a rocking twist. Influenced by bands as integrity, Ringworm, Cursed, Converge, Entombed and much, much more, you surely can get an idea. Check outwww.shieldrecordings.com/media (http://<font face="Verdana">www.shieldrecordings.com/media</font>) or www.myspace.com/thehungernl (http://<font face="Verdana">www.myspace.com/thehungernl</font>) for a brand new song of “Hope against Hope”.

The “Hope against Hope” CD will be available for shipping within 2 weeks, so go to our Webstore (www.shieldrecordings.com/distro (http://<font face="Verdana">www.shieldrecordings.com/distro</font>)) and order your copy today.
More news about the vinyl version of this record will follow soon.

Check out The Hunger Live at the following dates:
14-09-08 – NL – Leeuwarden - de Gloppe
20-09-08 – NL - Steenwijk – De Buze
26/27/28 – Weekend tour with Straight A’s.
20-12-08 – NL – Groningen – Vera

Shield Recordings online distro update.

As in every month we got some great new records in our webstore. A few titles are: Antillectual – Silencing Civilization LP/ CD, The Hunger – Hope Against Hope CD, Civil Terror – Surrounded by assholes LP, Damaged Goods – Fever LP, No Turning Back – Stronger CD/LP, Annihilation time – Tales of an ancient age CD/LP, Trash Talk – st CD/LP etc. Ofcourse every order will get some goodies (stickers, posters, free releases etc). So check it out: www.shieldrecordings.com/distro (http://<a href="http://www.shieldrecordings.com/distro" target="_blank"><font color="#800080">www.shieldrecordings.com/distro</font></a>).

That’s all for now, thank you for reading and we’ll hope to see you all at a show somewhere.

Fieke & Gert-Jan

www.myspace.com/atlaslosinggrip (http://www.myspace.com/atlaslosinggrip)
www.antillectual.com (http://www.antillectual.com)
www.myspace.com/antillectual (http://www.myspace.com/antillectual)
www.myspace.com/thehungernl (http://www.myspace.com/thehungernl)
www.myspace.com/shieldrecordings (http://www.myspace.com/shieldrecordings)
www.shieldrecordings.com (http://www.shieldrecordings.com)

New releases/ pre-orders
SLD 015 – Atlas Losing Grip – Shut the world out CD
SLD 016 – Antillectual – Silencing Civilization CD/LP (Pre-order)
SLD 017 – The Hunger – TBA CD/ 12” Vinyl (Pre-order)

Coming up:
SLD 018 – Smash the Statues – TBA CD/LP

Latest release:
SLD 014 – Said and Done – Endless Roads MCD/7”
SLD 013 – On Fire – Masquerades CD
SLD 012 – Antillectual – Testimony CD/LP
SLD 011 – The Real Danger – The Real Danger CD/LP

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