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Deal With It 'End Time Prophecies' LP Out now!

We're happy to announce the release of 'End Time Prophecies', a record which we're really proud to be releasing. Deal With It has poured everything into this record and they have produced something we have never heard from a UK band. This record is a representation of a whole lot of effort, conviction and passion.
They have created a record which honours the memory of old New York Hardcore and its mythos but is stamped with their own distinctive mark. Bleak riffs marry bleaker lyrics which spit out a scornful wake up call reflecting current planetary chaos.
12 tracks which hit hard but also have something definitive to say - a real rarity in today's hardcore climate of posturing, jealousy and whinging. Fans of 'Alpha O' era Cro Mags, The Icemen and Breakdown will get a buzz out of this. Check out 3 new tracks streaming on the bands site
www.myspace.com/dealxwithxit (http://www.myspace.com/dealxwithxit)
Order now - very small amount of colour vinyl left. The LP will be in
all good stores and distros soon.
www.deadandgonerecords.com (http://www.deadandgonerecords.com) / www.myspace.com/dealxwithxit (http://www.myspace.com/dealxwithxit)
The CD versions will be released imminently by our friends at Rucktion
www.rucktion.com (http://www.rucktion.com)
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Deal With IT LP release show Friday 8th August
http://a584.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/80/l_0bfc26b7b197ac84d653abc1aadf2e77.jpg />
Full address : Bradford 1 in 12 Club, Address, 21-23 Albion St.,
Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 2LY.
*10 min walk to bus and train stations
Map : http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=BD12LY(The+1+in+12+Club)
Show expected to finish before 11
Last trains to Leeds - 23.35, 00.35, Last trains to Manchester - 23.04
everywhere else its National Express or car...
Deal With It also have a bunch of other shows next month :
02/08 @ 12 Bar, London (RUCKTION CD RELEASE SHOW!!)
10/08 @ Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff w/ Ironclad, Freeze Up, Bases Loaded
25/08 @ Bunkers Hill, Nottingham w/ Pulling Teeth
26/08 @ Cooperage, Newcastle w/ Pulling Teeth
Deal With It/New Morality Tour September
Most of the dates have been sorted and we will announce the full tour
details over the next few weeks BUT the tour is still being confirmed
if you're interested in doing a show please email the address below
: Period : 19th to 26th September
Deal With It will be kicking off the tour in Dublin on September 18th
@ Eamon Dorrans and close out in Belgium @ ILL Blood on September 27th
www.myspace.com/dealxwithxit (http://www.myspace.com/dealxwithxit)
www.thenewmorality.net (http://www.thenewmorality.net)
www.deadandgonerecords.com (http://www.deadandgonerecords.com)
www.reflectionsrecords.com (http://www.reflectionsrecords.com)
No rest in S13. we're taking pre-orders for the much anticipated split between London's Dirty Money and Baltimore's Trapped Under Ice. We're obviously not clever enough to have had this out for the recent tour but that will have laid the groundwork to get you excited about our 36th release. We expect this to be out in about a month pre-order now to get all the limited stuff.
Oh if you're of a North American persuasion please pre-order this from A389 : www.a389records.com (http://www.a389records.com)
Trapped Under Ice follow up 'Stay Cold' with two new tracks 'Gemini' and 'Death Clock' whilst Dirty Money present their first new material since the EP with their best tracks yet - 'Hollow Shell' and '2007 Was A Bad Year'. You can listen to a track by each band at their myspace pages.
We're now taking pre-orders in our store with 3 options :
1) w/ screen printed artwork (EDIT - SOLD OUT)
2) w/ Red vinyl (limited to 300)
3) w/ Yellow vinyl (700 of these)
the screened cover will come with yellow vinyl.
If you order 3 7"s or more you will get a free copy of Dirty Money's 'No Escaping This' CD
You will enter a draw to win a test press

www.deadandgonerecords.com (http://www.deadandgonerecords.com)
www.myspace.com/thedirtymoney (http://www.myspace.com/thedirtymoney)
www.myspace.com/underdaice (http://www.myspace.com/underdaice)

Thanks to Adam Cooke for the truly inspired cover design.
Also check our distro for copies of the long awaited Damage Control 7" 'The Losing End' we're distributing this on behalf of Cycle Records. 5 tracks of the best DXC material and accompanied by a great 20 page booklet. We're siked this is finally out
in our store -
Other, other :
Reality their EP is now out and is a total blinder. If you like fast hardcore ala Floorpunch check out the record in our store or via Shutout Records : www.myspace.com/shutoutrecords (http://www.myspace.com/shutoutrecords)

www.deadandgonerecords.com (http://www.deadandgonerecords.com)
www.deadandgonerecords.com (http://www.deadandgonerecords.com)
www.deadandgonerecords.com (http://www.deadandgonerecords.com)


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