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07-01-2008, 10:47 AM
i am selling the following cd's.
all taken from my personal collection, condition is mint, as new. only ripped the mp3s.

i am looking to get rid of most of this for a dirt cheap prices (except the rarest shit as dear you by jawbreaker) - make offer of what you want , and what you'd like to spend, we'll surely find each other.

email is xcarlupanddiex at hotmail dot com

for shipping costs, consider i live in italy and ship via priority air mail worldwide.

12 cent - for the win!
500 miles to memphis - sunshine in a shotglass
a hero from a thousand paces - mistakes
a verse unsung - the autumn ep
a wilhelm scream - ruiner (promo advance)
aaron sprinkle - lackluster
action reaction - five song ep
against all authority / common rider - split
all the way rider - lahuna
all wound up - hero
allister - before the blackout (digipack advance)
allister - dead ends and girlfriends
allister - last stop suburbia
ambitions - stranger
anadivine - self titled ep
anadivine - zoo
anchor under - there is no end (digipack)
and now we're even - winter without you
anzy zipf - i stole the morning sun
armalite - self titled
armalite - self titled
army of me - citizen (digipack)
army of me - rise ep
aston - rewind
at the drive-in - acrobatic tenement (fearless reissue)
at the drive-in - in/casino/out (fearless reissue)
at the drive-in - relationship of command (fearless reissue)
at the drive-in - this station is non-operationl (with bonus dvd)
at the drive-in - vaya (fearless reissue)
avenged sevenfold - city of evil
avenged sevenfold - sounding the seventh trumpet
avenged sevenfold - waking the fallen (with slicpase)
baby calendar - gingerbread dog
bedlight for blueeys - life on life's terms
bedouin soundclash - 12:59 lullaby
bedouin soundclash - sounding mosaic
better luck next time - start from skratch
better luck next time - third time's a charm (remixed, remastered with bonus track)
between the wars - death and the sea
big collapse - prototype
billy talent - billy talent
billy talent - II
billy talent - live 08/09/06 london, hammersmith palais (double cd digipack, limited edition)
billy talent - live 16/09/06 manchester academy (double cd digipack, limited edition)
biology - making moves
blueprint car crash - rhetoric of a marionette
blueprint car crash - rhetoric of a marionette
boys night out - digital ep (cd-r)
brazil - dasein ep
brazil - the philosophy of velocity
building the state - facing in the architecture
burns out bright - distance and darkness
burns out bright - save yourself a lifetime
caarme - self titled (digipack)
cartel - chroma (with slipcase) 1st press on TMG
cartel - the ransom ep (1st press on TMG)
caught in a trap - rats gets fat
cex - maryland mansions
charlemagne - detour allure
charlie hustle - celebration for the bride
chase pagan - four song ep (sealed digipack)
chase pagan - oh! Musica (digipack)
circa survive - juturna (with slipcase)
circa survive - on letting go (with slipcase)
circa survive - on letting go (with slipcase)
clair de lune - assisted living
claire de lune - marionettes
classic case - losing at life
clock hands strangle - redshift/blueshift
codeseven - dancing echoes / dead sounds
colorsintheair - on the inside
controlling the famous - automatic city
copeland - beneath medicine tree
copeland - dressed up and in line
copeland - eat, sleep, repeat (digipack)
copeland - in motion (with slipcase, limited edition double cd)
copeland - know nothing stays the same EP
cougars - pillow talk
countime - broken, blinded, betrayed (digipack)
dag nasty - minority of one
david singer and the sweet science - civil wars
dear tonight - we're not men
death cab for cutie - directions DVD movie
demon hunter - demon hunter
denison witmer - safe away (digipack 2xcd)
dennis bagwell - paid in full
desert city soundtrack - contents of distraction
desert city soundtrack - funeral car
desert city soundtrack - perfect addiction
desoto jones - aurora
despairsray - mirror (usa version)
dizmas - tension
drive til morning - self titled
dusty rhodes and the river band - first you live
element 101 - more than motion
eleven minutes away - arson followed me home
eleventy seven - and the land of fake believe
end the century - hammer & the anvil
endicott - the words in ink don't lie (digipack)
every avenue - ah!
everybody else - self titled (digipack)
exhausted prayer - looks down in the gathering shadow
face tomorrow - my world within
face tomorrow - the closer you get (digipack)
fall out boy - from under the corck tree
fall out boy - infinity on high (uk version, digipack, sealed)
fall out boy - infinity on high (usa version, digipack, sealed)
fall out boy - infinity on high (usa version, sealed)
fall out boy - take this to your grave (limited edition digipack, 1st press)
fall out boy - this ain't a scene, it's an arms race (uk cd single)
farewell - isn't this supposed to be fun? (advance)
far-less - everyone is out to get us
far-less - turn to the bright
fear before the march of flames - art damages
fear before the march of flames - odd how people shake (digipack)
fielding - self titled
fighting jacks - the dying art of life
fightstar - grand unification
filthy few - wealth and hell-being
FM Static - Critically Ashamed
FM Static - What Are You Waiting For ?
free diamonds - by the sword
free diamonds - there should be more dancing
from autumn to ashes - abandon your friends
from autumn to ashes - holding a wolf by the wars
from autumn to ashes - live at looney tunes
from autumn to ashes - too bad you're beautiful
from autumn to ashes - too bad you're beautiful (reissue)
girl in a coma - both before i am gone
give up the ghost - background music
give up the ghost - we're down till we're underground
give up the ghost - we're down till we're underground
giving chase - a cheap print of a masterpiece (euro version)
giving chase - a cheap print of a masterpiece (with slicpase, usa version)
hail! Hornet - self titled
halo friendlies - get real
hangnail - facing changes (limited edition 2xcd)
hangnail - transparent
haram - dresher
hawk nelson - letters to the president
he is legend - suck out the poison
high risk - rock out with your cock out! (re-cock)
holy roman empire - lost in landscapes
hurt - vol.!!
imogen heap - speak for yourself (with slipcase)
jawbreaker - dear you (first press on geffen)
jena berlin - quo vadimus (digipack)
jet lag jemini - self titled ep
jill - cunniff - city beach (digipack)
joey cape/tony sly - acoustic (booklet missing 2 pages)
john francis - on the moments we share (digipack)
john ralston - needle bed
jonezetta - popularity
joshua radin - live at reg's coffee house (sealed digipack ep)
joy electric - hello, mannequin
juhu beach - scenes of abandoned industry
juliette and the licks - four on the floor (tmg version, digipack)
juliette and the licks - you're speaking my language (promo advance)
kaddisfly - set sail the praire
kid down - and the noble art of irony
kidneys - self titled
koufax - social life (digipack)
last Tuesday - become what you believe
latterman - …we are still alive
latterman - no matter where we go
latterman - turn up the punk, we'll be singing
leatherface - dog disco
let go - self titled
letter kills - the bridge
lewis - even so
liars academy - demons (digipack)
liars academy - trading my life ep
lock and key - no fate
lock and key - pull up the floorboards
look mexico - the crucial ep
look mexico - this is animal music
love hate hero - just breathe
lovedrug - everything starts … tour bootleg EP
lovedrug - everything starts …ep (digipack)
lovedrug - everything starts where it ends (advance)
lovedrug - everything starts where it ends (digipack)
lovedrug - pretend you're alive
man alive - open surgery
marathon - self titled
maxeen - self titled
mc lars - the laptop ep
men women children - 12 song ep
men women children - dance in my blood 5 track promo
men women children - dance in my blood remixes
men women children - dance in my blood single
men women children - dance in my blood uk cd single
men women children - dvd digipack promo uk
men women children - dvd digipack promo uk
men women children - self titled
mico - outside the unbearable grows
minus the bear - they make beer commercials … promo
mobile - tomorrow starts today
mobile - tomorrow starts today (sealed)
mobile - tomorrow starts today (sealed)
moros eros - jealous me was killed by curiosity
mouse fire - wooden teeth
much the same - quitters never win
much the same - survive
muff potter - steady fremdkurper
my chemical romance - three cheers for sweet revenge
my turn to win - whatever it takes
name taken - hold on
neon horse - self titled
neva dinova - the hate yourself change
new dress - where our failures are
new mexican disaster squad - don't believe
no hollywood ending - everybody's talking
no trigger - canyoneer
nora - dreamers and deadmen
not enough gold - the live and learn EP
one small step for landmines - self titled (with slipcase)
one win choice - never suspend dibelief
orange - escape from LA
pale moon gang - self titled
paper rival - ep
path of no return - the absinthe dreams
poison the well - versions (digipack advance)
pomegranates - two eyes
poor old lu - the waiting room
portugal the man - it's complicated being a wizzard
portugal the man - waiter: you vultures
Poulain - For Passengers EP (Digipack)
project 86 - rival faction
project 86 - songs to burn your bridges by
project 86 - truthless heroes
razor crusade - infinite water (with slipcase)
reggie and the full effect - last stop: crappytown
relient k - mmhmm (promo advance)
ride your bike - bad news from the bar
ronnie day - the album
ronnie day - the album (digipack)
rooney - calling the world
rumbleseat - is dead
saboteur / the mockingbird nightmare / red light green light - split
saves the day - under the boards (advance promo)
schoolyard heroes - abominations (sealed advance promo)
sequoia - time to change (digipack)
sherwood - a different light (digipack advance)
showbread - age of reptilies
side walk slam - and we drive
side walk slam - give back
side walk slam - past remains
silversun pickups - carnavas (with slipcase)
since by man - a love hate relationship
since by man - we sing the body electric
Slowride - As I Survive The Suicide bomber
small arms dealer - a single unifying theory
small arms dealer - patron saint of disappointment
so they say - antidote for irony
so they say - self titled ep
sounds like violence - the pistol ep
Squad Five-O - Self titled
starflyer 59 - can't stop eating ep
starflyer 59 - i am the poroguese blues
starflyer 59 - old
static radio nj - one for the good guys
static thought - in the trenches
statistics - leave your name
statistics - self titled ep
stonerider - three legs of touble (promo advance)
sullivan - cover you eyes (sealed)
sullivan - hey, i'm a ghost
supertones - hi-fi revivial
suprtones - revenge of the oc supertones
surrogate - love is for the rich
surrogate - love is for the rich
surrounded - safety in numbers
tahiti 80 - fosbury (tmg version) 2xcd
telephone and telegraph - north south east west (digipack)
temper temper - self titled
the appleseed cast - peregrine (digipack)
the ataris - so long, astoria
the backup plan - dearest whomever …
the beautiful mistake - light a match, for i deserve to burn
the beautiful mistake - self titled ep
the beautiful mistake - self titled ep (reissue
the beautiful mistake - split with ettison clio
the beautiful mistake - this is who you are
the break - handbook for the hopeless
the class of '98 - touch this and die
the classic brown - down with fun (digipack)
the confession - requiem
the exit - home for an island
the fold - secret keep you sick
the fold - secret keep you sick (sealed)
the fold - this too shall pass
the hold steady - boys and girls in america
the holy fire - in the name of the world
the junior varsity - cinematographic
the junior varsity - the great compromise (cd/dvd)
the kinison - self titled ep (digipack)
the kinison - what are you listening to?
the kinison - what are you listening to?
the lyndsay diaries - midwestern (digipack ep)
the lyndsay diaries - remember the memories
the lyndsay diaries - the tops of trees are on fire
the measure (sa) - historical fiction
the myriad - you can't trust a ladder (sealed)
the only children - keeper of youth (digipack)
the pale - gravity gets things done (digipack)
the pale pacific - rules are predictable EP
the panic division - songs from the glasshoues (digipack - sealed)
the panic division - songs from the glasshoues (digipack)
the panic division - songs from the glasshouse (digipack)
the panic division - versus
the perishers - let there be morning
the perishers - self titled
the prize fighter inferno - my brothers blood machine (digipack)
the receiving end of sirens - the earth sings mi fa mi
the rise - reclamation process
the river bends - and flows into the sea
the river bends - and flows into the sea
the river bends - and flows into the sea
the rocket summer - calendar days (1st press)
the rocket summer - calendar days (2xCD reissue)
the rocket summer - do you feel
the rocket summer - hello, good friend
the rocket summer - hello, good friend (sealed)
the rocket summer - the early years ep
the sleeping - believe what we tell you (cd/dvd reissue - slicpase)
the spores - imagine the future
the undecided - more to see
the undecided - self titled
the underneath - moon flower (usa version)
these enzymes - henry ep (all american rejects side projects)
thieves and liars - when dreams become reality
this day forward - in response
this providence - self titled
Thursday - a city by the light divided (lmt ed digipack)
Thursday - a city by the light divided (sealed)
Thursday - full collapse
Thursday - war all the time (digipack)
tokyo rose - new american saint
tokyo rose - new american saint
tokyo rose - reinventing a lost art
too bad eugine - moonlighting
tora!tora!torrance! - a cynics nightmare
tora!tora!torrance! - get into it
track a tiger - we moved like ghosts
treaty of paris - sweet dreams, sucker
trial by fire - ringing in the dawn
umbrellas - illuminare
umbrellas - self titled
veda - the weight of an empty room
vendetta red - between the never and the now
vendetta red - sisters of the red death
verona grove - ep
veronica - hope for a brighter future
vox populi - self titled (digipack)
vv.aa. - deep elm cover you tracks
vv.aa. - deep elm unreleased n.1
vv.aa. - deep elm unreleased n.2
vv.aa. - emo diaries 10
vv.aa. - emo diaries 11
vv.aa. - emo diaries 9
vv.aa. - emo is awesome, emo is evil
vv.aa. - hearts bleed blue (deep elm)
vv.aa. - location is everything vol.2 (jade tree)
vv.aa. - revelation 100
vv.aa. - sampler n.6
vv.aa. - take action vol. 2 (2xcd)
vv.aa. - take action vol. 4 (2xcd)
vv.aa. - take action vol. 6 (2cd/dvd digipack)
VV.AA. - Take Action Vol.1
VV.AA. - Take Action Vol.3
vv.aa. - the year's best christian rock hits
vv.aa. - this is solid state vol. 4 (cd/dvd)
vv.aa. - this is solid state vol. 5
vv.aa. - too young to die (deep elm)
waking ashland - the well (advance)
we are the fury - venus (sealed)
woodale - finish what you start
zolof and the rock and roll destroyer - schematics

07-01-2008, 10:54 AM

The Marc
07-01-2008, 11:43 AM
Why does he own 3 different versions of Infinity on High?

07-01-2008, 01:47 PM
in the time it took you to quote that list you could have updated RWP.

Dude Beer
07-01-2008, 05:31 PM
I'll take 3 of each please.

07-01-2008, 07:24 PM
I see a lot of stuff I want.

are these all promos though?

Dude Beer
07-31-2008, 05:58 PM
CDeez nuts!