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Dude Beer
05-05-2008, 09:42 PM
Hmm is this asxyouxwish's amateur porn movie blog? http://urjerkin.blogspot.com/

A quick quote: "Towards the end the dudes begin
making out with her, AFTER she went ass to mouth. Not only is he making
out with her poop, but by the transitive property of equality, hes
also sucking the other guys dick. Guh-ross."

05-05-2008, 10:12 PM
Throughout this part, she periodically stops sucking to go “ahh” as if this dude’s cock is water, and she’s been wandering the desert for days.

01-30-2009, 05:01 PM
haha.. suck that shit..

01-30-2009, 05:55 PM
consider it bookmarked

Dude Beer
01-30-2009, 10:37 PM
haha.. suck that shit..

lol. great first post