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Dead & Gone Records News April '08
Its been a while since we've had an update but here's a flurry of news

Iron Age 'The Way Is Narrow' 7" Out now!
Its out a one off pressing of 1000 copies is available to order in our store now. 'The Way Is Narrow' fills out side A and the single is b/w 'Satori Pt 1' which is a must hear. You can hear the A side at the bands myspace http://www.myspace.com/ironagetexas and then order it on vinyl. The follow up LP to 'Constant Struggle' is in the pipeline so get this to tide you over, we're hopefull of a European tour once that LP is released. We're biased but we think this the best IA recording to date. North Americans please note this record is to be released by Painkiller in North America in a matter of weeks. If you do want the EU version as well..thats cool. We just wont ship until the US version is out..

www.myspace.com/ironagetexas (http://www.myspace.com/ironagetexas)
www.deadandgonerecords.com (http://www.deadandgonerecords.com)

Deal With It- ' End Time Prophecies' LP
This masterpiece is currently being recorded in a bleak Yorkshire town as I type. If the songs we've heard live are anything to go by this release will blow 'World Coming Down' out of the water. As soon as we have Mp3's to share they will be on our site/myspace and you will hear about it. Expect a mid summer release for this one with some really cool preorder offers. Deal With It will be hitting the road around Europe to promote the LP through late summer and the Autumn.
Here's an update from Rotherham from singer Micheal "The guitars have been finished, the bass is being recorded as I type, and the vocals are being done tomorrow. All I'm saying is, if riffs could kill, people would be heading for fallout bunkers by now. Artwork is being done by Ed Repka who has done stuff in the past for Death, Megadeth, Municipal Waste, Necro, Nuclear Assault and many more. Expect to hear a new song on our page in the next few weeks"
www.myspace.com/dealxwithxit (http://www.myspace.com/dealxwithxit)
www.deadandgonerecords.com (http://www.deadandgonerecords.com)
Introducing Ironclad
Ironclad and D&G seems such a sweet combination. South Wales' new breed has caught our attention with their demo and recent shows. We're happy to announce that we will be working with the band in the future, all starting with an EP we hope to have out in the Autumn.
Things are looking up on this island and Ironclad as just one of the reasons why. If you like your hardcore fast, pissed and genuine (think Right Brigade, Striking Distance blah blah) then check out the myspace link below. Make sure you add them to your friends list and pick up a copy of their demo from our online store. A LOT more to come from Ironclad.
www.myspace.com/ironcladhc (http://www.myspace.com/ironcladhc)
www.deadandgonerecords.com (http://www.deadandgonerecords.com)
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Dirty Money, Summer
Its going to be a good summer for Dirty Money! Lots of shows are planned and a new record in the works. The 7" is now out of press and with no immediate plans to repress you will need to pick up the Cd is you want to hear 'No Escaping This'.
The split with Baltimore's Trapped Under Ice is currently being worked on with Dirty Money recording their tracks soon. If you've heard TUI's new EP on Reaper then you know that the band is phenomenal. We will be getting copies in our distro soon but make sure you pick up a copy from www.reaperrecords.com (http://www.reaperrecords.com)
Hope to have a release date for the split soon (A389 to release in North America)
Dirty Money are touring with LOJ & Trapped Under Ice this June. The dates are totally locked down yet but you can find the schedule below. We will announce the full dates as soon as we have them. DM will have Cd's and a ton of new merch with them. They're also hoping to make it to the US and record a new EP by the end of the year.
Lion Of Judah/Trapped Under Ice/Dirty Money Summer Tour :
20/06 Venue TBC, London (UK)
21/06 Nordhausen (GER)
22/06 Die Volksshule, Dresden (GER)
23/06 Vienna (AUS)
24/06 ITALY : SHOW NEEDED email fillip@poweredrecords.com
25/06 Barcelona (SP)
26/06 Wild Rover, Aachen (GER)
27/06 - JH't Vershil, Sint-Niklaas (BEL)
28/06 - Gysenberg Hall, Herne (GER) PRESSURE FEST
29/06 Innocent, Hengelo (NL)
30/06 Ibbenburren (GER)
01/06 Paris (FRA, obv.)
02/06 Le Pub, Newport (UK) w/ Ironclad, The Keep
03/06 The Ringside, Hull (UK) w/ Ironclad
04/06 Shakespears Arms, Sheffield (UK) w/ Ironclad
05/06 Eagle & Tun, Birmingham (UK) w/ Strike First, Taking Names, New Morality, Cold Snap etc
06/06 Cambridge Arms, Colchester (UK)
We have just added a new DIRTY MONEY shirt design to our store - here's the design. Pick 1U
www.myspace.com/thedirtymoney (http://www.myspace.com/thedirtymoney)
www.deadandgonerecords.com (http://www.deadandgonerecords.com)
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Black Friday '29 & Death Is Not Glamorous
BF29's new LP is doing really well with copies flying out from Blacktop and D&G HQ's. We expect to repress the LP soon. BF29 have had a run of amazing shows with some of their best ever over the last 4 months. They will be hitting the road again touring from 18-26 July, we'll post the full tour dates soon.
Death is Not Glamorous is also hitting the road again touring from 1-22 June. The tour will be hitting new terrortories for DING as they head out to Poland and as far south as Spain. Again once we have the full schedule that will be posted out. Check the myspace for constant updates and to see if the band is swinging through your area. By popular demand we are running off a 3rd and last press of the 'Undercurrents' 7" just in time for the tour. 300 copies on Orange vinyl, get to a show if you want to pick up a copy!
The band is also writing hard for their debut LP which we plan on getting out for October. We will be releasing the LP, Blacktop the CD for Europe and Run For Cover in North America. Im really excited to hear what they come up with. UK fans expect a long overdue tour once the record is out. Maybe in time for the end of year D&G show???...........
www.myspace.com/blackfriday29 (http://www.myspace.com/blackfriday29)
www.myspace.com/deathisnotglamorous (http://www.myspace.com/deathisnotglamorous)
Reality 'Altered States' 7"
Reality are going in to record next week for their 7", due out in June on Shutout Records and expect it to be harder than the demo.
www.myspace.com/realitybrah (http://www.myspace.com/realitybrah)
www.myspace.com/shutoutrecords (http://www.myspace.com/shutoutrecords)
Still hot
D&G CD PACKAGE DEAL - any 3 CD release for 10
Down & Outs 'Friday Nights, Monday Mornings' CD & LP (LP almost gone)
Black Friday '29 'The Pursuit Of Happiness' LP
Dirty Money 'No Escaping This' MCD

www.deadandgonerecords.com (http://www.deadandgonerecords.com)
http://dandgstore.vstore.ca/ (D&G, Distro, Merch etc etc)
Email : dandgrecs@gmail.com

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