View Full Version : smoke and mirrors demo pre-orders are up

04-01-2008, 01:00 AM
Smoke and Mirrors 6 song demo CD is now up for pre-order. It is being released on April 11th for our 2 shows that Friday night and all mailorders will be sent out the following Monday, April 14th. We also have 2 shirt designs in stock too.

to hear some tracks go to our new site: www.smokeandmirrors814.com or good old www.myspace.com/smokeandmirrors814

CLICK HERE FOR ORDERING INFORMATION (http://www.surpriseattackrecords.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=535) (all orders processed through surprise attack records webstore - fast and reliable!)


4 . 11 . 2008 The Hangout - Edinboro, PA
Jesus Wept
Taste the Steel
Bridge Burner
Smoke and Mirrors (First Erie area show / demo release),
& more TBA. All Ages. $7

4 . 11 . 2008 The Beer Mug - Erie, PA
Village of Dead Roads
The Sound City Saints
The Laundromat
Smoke and Mirrors (First Erie area show / demo release),
21 and Over, 10pm, $3

6 . 3 . 2008 Stand Firm House - Erie, PA
Die Young TX
Can't Win Them All
Stand Firm
Smoke and Mirrors
All Ages, $5

6 . 13 . 2008 Penny Arcade - Rochester, NY
The Carrier
Face the Panic
Smoke and Mirrors
...more tba

6 . 25 . 2008 Poots Basement - Girard, NY
Talk is Cheap
Hands In
Breed the Killer
Expect the Worse
Smoke and Mirrors
All Ages, $5