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  1. Entourage
  2. Kelly Clarkson looking awesome and Ryan Key looking retarded wtih Metal Skool
  3. where's fabio at?
  4. i am getting into the descendents ...
  5. Let's play A&R
  7. Hardcore Playlist - 10 Song Limit
  8. People you can't believe exist
  10. Why England is better than the U.S.
  11. The new Album Leaf
  12. kind of a long shot
  13. Conan O'Brien for the win!
  14. Ok guys seriously, Sideways?
  15. the first album(s) you ever bought
  17. little miss sunshine
  18. Emo- Playlist-10 song limit
  19. Whose Words Do You Trust?
  20. Strike Anywhere - Dead FM
  21. Weird Food Thread
  22. the 4400
  23. bonsai
  24. why i hate metalheads
  25. NN2S is Back
  26. Free Tim Armstrong Solo Album?!?
  27. it's almost officially that time
  28. things you don't like about the poster above you
  29. Butterfly in the sky, I can fly twice as high!
  30. Jordan's new album stream
  31. Does this chick have a unibrow?
  32. BEST OF '06!....so far
  33. Hawthorne Heights redux
  34. Much The Same - Survive
  35. When Did SAMIAM Start Sounding Like HOT WATER MUSIC?
  36. Unwritten Law: Black Album Appreciation Thread
  37. ATTN: Jordan Pastepunk
  38. Black Eyed Peas + God + American Greetings =
  39. Alkaline Trio b-sides CD
  40. Seriously, I know you still watch Project Runway
  41. actual post on ap.net about the black parade / MCR
  42. things you'll never understand
  43. VMAs
  44. Would we hate Nirvana?
  45. Bridge 9 sale
  46. Petition to destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities
  47. New Food/Beverage Thread
  48. Look for me, I'm gonna be on a national broadcast
  49. Scored some nice used shit. (Recent Purchases)
  50. New Senses Fail Song
  52. It's UCS for me!
  53. I just played with Everclear
  54. About Cholesterol
  55. After the Ga Tech / ND game last night
  56. "The State" sketches to be sold on iTunes!
  57. new saosin
  58. Favorite moments of bands ripping off other bands
  60. stuff for sale
  61. holy shit, RIP croc hunter
  62. The Crocodile Hunter died! :( :( :(
  63. banksy (rules) + paris hilton
  64. Married To The Sea
  65. Betrayed breaks-up
  66. i don't know about this snakes on a plain movie...
  67. Attn: Scott
  68. Yahoo Football Pick 'Em - MUP 2006
  69. New Facebook Interface DISAPPREESH
  70. Is this really what bands have come down to?
  71. Crank
  72. THIS IS HELL'S "Sundowning"
  73. for all yall straight-edgers out there...
  74. Bullets And Octane Vs. Scott Heisel DEATHMATCH!!!!!
  75. The guitar solo in Razor by Unbroken
  76. When has this ever been a good idea?
  77. As if Some Girls wasn't enough to prove Wes Nightmare loves booger sugar...
  78. new All Else Failed
  79. Get IN and GET IT
  80. Fox reporter beatdown on TV
  81. come visit me this weekend at felt club!!
  82. Just got back from MXPX...
  84. best recut ive seen in a while
  85. WHAMMY!
  86. Microsoft Designs School
  87. ebay - cold as life, barritt, bulldoze etc
  88. Looking to buy a longboard (skate)...
  89. Review: Dragonforce Tour
  90. The Patrick Dance (members of Braid/American Football)
  91. Questions for Thomas Barnett of Strike Anywhere?
  92. Fucking Chiodos
  93. Thank you very much for such a good work
  94. Help! My iPod is crashing my computer!
  95. recording tv shows on my computer
  96. playlist
  97. Diesel Sweeties will be on the comic pages of your newspaper!
  98. hilariously biased and stupid 9/11 movie on ABC
  99. looks like the tigers are choking a little bit
  100. Ripping "zero tracks" on CDs
  101. "I think you have too many shoes." "SHUT UP!"
  102. D.E.B.S.
  103. dc walking tour?
  104. MUP RADIO
  105. Tony Brummel is gonna be *pissed*.
  106. wow, this board's been on FIRE lately.
  107. I am such a lawyer...
  108. Anthony Green pwns a stupid girl
  109. Yo, I need some gay jeans
  110. RIP
  111. Pitchfork for the win
  112. So is anyone else going to the Lil Wayne show?
  113. I"m sorry for talking about music here but...
  114. I've been meeting only fatties lately
  115. Hey i need advice!
  116. I just helped arrest a dude
  117. new Mojave 3 record
  118. One Year in Unnecessary Censorship
  119. Oink
  120. Boris
  121. kylie minogue appreesh
  122. Saget's in the backseat rollin' a bud
  123. So uh...Nintendo Wii -- Nov. 19th
  124. I can't believe I'm saying this...
  125. Thursday Dropped from Island?!?
  126. Okay, so I know this new iTunes is sweet and all, but...
  127. attn: robdobi
  128. The Dear Hunter
  129. Czech man thrown in jail for net spousal murder ad
  130. Head On Apply Directly to the Forehead
  131. sometimes, you just have to...
  132. This doesn't deserve a new thread but oh well
  133. I'll be seeing Ryan Mendez tonight...
  134. Avail appreciation thread
  135. I love discovering
  136. 5 AM
  137. Running with Scissors
  138. niners
  139. Calling all computer geeks. please help
  140. Upcoming.org
  141. Lego Star Wars 2
  142. The new Fear Before record
  143. Envy Fans
  144. Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip premiere
  145. Ricky Gervais + Patrick Stewart = genius
  146. Halloween Costume ideas
  147. God bless modern technology
  148. the new single from The Who
  149. yourscenesucks.com - mup, i need your help
  150. Portland OR & Hollywood CA -- go see my movie!
  151. The State is being released [maybe DVD]
  153. SYG live?
  154. Chris Parnell, Horatio Sanz and Finesse Mitchell off SNL
  155. Life At These Speeds
  156. Anyone in the Los Angeles area need an internship?
  157. NFG
  158. Mike Patton on All My Children?
  159. Frank Miller's 300 Trailer!
  160. Just read the Blood Brothers' lyrics for the first time
  161. Super Mario 3 in Legos
  162. Jordan Pastepunk
  163. jonah matranga on a rap cd?
  164. Killswitch Engage
  165. kids say the darndest things
  166. cd vs mp3 costs
  167. Jackass Number 2
  168. Plus-44
  169. Ben Folds covering the Postal Service's "Such Great Heights"
  171. Red Sparowes
  172. Weatherbox
  173. Craziest thing ever
  174. Bill Clinton pwns Fox News
  175. Every episode of The Simpsons & Futurama
  176. Reasons why I love my neighborhood
  177. .Moneen. appreciation thread
  178. MUP Convergence
  179. I need some help
  180. MLB Playoffs Thread
  181. New interview with Blake Schwarzenbach
  182. PN.org in the Boston Globe
  183. Horse the Band is fucking insane
  184. Heroes
  185. Recall.
  186. Tim McIlrath's eyes seriously weird me out.
  187. I need to get laid
  188. new Senses Fail
  189. Law and Order
  190. TEXAS IS THE REASON. One shot is all we get.
  191. The Mountain Goats
  192. What's the deal with TO?
  193. "saved by the smell"
  194. The Killers
  195. Capital interview on my radio show tonight
  196. Haven't hit you guys in a minute with one of these
  197. Oingo Boingo covers from Rx Bandits, Over It, the Stereo, etc.
  198. Keith Olbermann Rules
  199. Sunny Day Real Estate
  200. new Shook Ones
  201. Gojira - From Mars to Sirius
  202. blatant promo - my radio show
  203. He Is Legend - Suck Out The Poison
  204. Torture bill passes.
  205. Today's my two-year anniversary of being on MUP.
  206. Post your good news
  207. Falcon show in Chicago, anyone going?
  208. I don't hate Cobra Starship....
  209. Attn: Billie Joe Armstrong
  210. SNL = blegh
  211. so i saw clap your hands say yeah for free last night
  212. House shopping
  213. Recommend me music to drink to
  214. Vandal Scandal!
  215. good years for music
  216. attn: richard
  217. Barry Scatton is ghostwriting for Pitchforkmedia.
  218. Vinyl and CDs for sale
  219. kinsella vs. bemis vs. alt press
  220. Milk man shoots up Amish schoolhouse. Seriously.
  221. awesome hate mail
  222. going to see the melvins tonight
  223. The Loudness Wars
  224. New Mewithoutyou
  225. For Fans of Minor Threat/Righteous Jams
  226. The Borat movie was beyond amazing.
  227. Best metalcore release of 06
  228. Let's play "Spot the incorrect fact in Avenged Sevenfold's wikipedia entry!"
  229. Bears truly are godless killing machines. Even stuffed ones.
  230. Want boxes/envelopes of free CDs? (For real this time.)
  231. CD Packaging (Promos) Question
  232. Bob Saget
  233. Equilibrium
  234. Mourningstar
  235. +44
  236. ATTN: Pastepunk
  237. MUP: I need help
  238. Converge - No Heroes
  239. holy fuck..new converge
  240. I know why Vendetta Red's "Sister Of the Red Death" never made it
  241. You've heard of Battle of the Bands, but what about Battle Of the Cover Art?
  242. Invade Split 7" - New Track
  243. i had an epiphany tonight
  244. Anyone here need a job and want to be on the road this fall?
  246. Tower Records Liquidation
  247. Who has the tracklist for the SOIA tribute?
  248. Who's the best writer alive today?
  249. Planes Mistaken for Stars
  250. The Latest AP