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  1. Memories of random carnivals as a kid
  2. Stream all the NPR back catalog
  4. smoke and mirrors demo pre-orders are up
  5. promo thread
  6. Fighting Music on the Fevered Brain Radio Network and kpwr.org
  7. Yo Richard
  8. Hey Can I be a Promo forum moderator
  9. Google ads watch
  10. Hey Rich, Do you know what band this is
  11. Upcoming WonkaVision Shows in April 'o8!
  12. Today I worshipped Satan, hard, in the hopes something cool would happen.
  13. YOU PEOPLE?!
  14. Rate these chances of survival
  15. I'm a cop you idiot.
  17. Dead & Gone Records News – IRON AGE 7" OUT NOW
  18. Said And Done update: 7"/MCD pre-orders + new MP3
  19. LOOK MEXICO interview on Generic Insight Radio tonight!
  20. Baker Brothers Boys Band
  21. UR JERKIN'
  22. I'm ready to mosh, hard.
  23. Please check out our site..
  24. Wendy's makes me feel like a baller.
  25. Drop and Give Me 50
  26. ( o Y o )
  27. If Adam and Eve just had two sons
  28. Mods Under Protest
  29. Yo Rich, When you get a chance
  30. You're The Man Now Dog
  32. MUP Guy Talk
  33. Universal Republic Presents Between The Trees "The Story The Song" available now
  34. Story of the Year (Our Time Is Now) DVD
  35. MEANs
  36. NATIONALE! ex - life is a fight, five stars for failure
  37. Muttley demo
  38. Generic Insight Radio Small Label Series interview #1 - KISS OF DEATH RECORDS tonight
  39. Crushed Red Pepper
  41. This kid is like a Black Cartman
  42. A MILLI
  44. I need your opinion
  45. Upcoming Events at the Royal Oak Music Theatre!
  46. Sprem for sale
  47. Brother for sale
  48. cd's for sale
  49. KILLING THE DREAM interview on Generic Insight Radio tonight!
  50. Yes!
  51. DEAL WITH IT 'End Time Prophecies' LP - OUT NOW, EU TOUR....
  52. Underground Network
  53. Genes for sale
  54. LANDMINES release LP
  55. This next Saves the Day album will be their last.
  56. Sakes Alive!! - Act I - 7 Inch Preorder - Free Mp3s!
  57. EXCLUSIVE: Rise Against In Studio
  58. September isn't too far
  59. THOSE posters
  61. MUP Promo Forum Contest
  62. Grimey Life
  63. I need another Waffles invite!
  64. Ska Music
  65. Hawthorne Heights Acoustic Performance -- Chicago
  66. That new Common song
  67. if there's a god in the sky
  68. Hey Rich
  69. Seventeen and strung out on confusion
  70. MUP Lawyer nerds come to this thread for some srs LOLs
  71. Dirty Money/Trapped Under Ice 7" - Out Now, DWI Tour...
  72. Consumer Alert S/T Ep Available NOW!
  74. Yo asxyouxwish
  75. Outing fake accounts thread
  76. In this thread you ride your bike into the opening door of my parallel parked car
  77. DOWNSIZED: Indiana, LA, & Sacramento screenings
  78. Scan in pages from your senior yearbook in high school
  79. Shield Recordings update september 2008.
  80. madball, merauder, converge, earth crisis, jake bannon, meltdown, bracewar, 454 big b
  81. LOTS of hardcore, punk & indie CDs for sale
  82. When you're walkin' down the street
  83. Checkout all these badass airsoft guns
  84. trashtalk,champion,DTN,outbreak,mongoloids,set to explode, etc.
  86. U Mad Doggie!
  87. let's eat
  88. Death Is Not glamorous 'Soft Clicks' LP Pre-orders are go!!!
  89. Yo Rich
  90. SAID AND DONE update - new song, tape, UK trip
  91. Bring me the horizon
  92. my shop is celebrating 5 years in business - big sale content
  93. Shield Recordings update November 2008.
  94. The Two Funerals- Tell Yr Story 7" OUT NOW! (riot grrrl/garage/punk)
  95. Richard dood
  97. Crucial Response Huge Update, new website, new releases
  98. dude beer: a challenge
  99. BANGDOR CASTLE v.1.1 Vintage Limted Ed.
  100. yo
  101. maybe i'm the one....
  102. seen any good commercials lately?
  103. I know someone in MUP land will enjoy this
  104. I went snowboarding for free today and you didn't
  105. DAY MAN
  106. I got a new part time job
  107. This Two Tongues band
  108. I'm stuck in the airport for the next 3 hours
  109. Rate these punx compilations
  110. Richard, did you make this internet ad?
  111. Crucial Response Mailorder (Vegetarian Shoes for sale)
  112. All greetings!
  113. jessica simpson naked
  114. Please post funny pictures or food jpegs in this thread
  115. New Found Glory
  116. Thursday
  117. Sing it Loud
  118. How I don't know how to sing
  119. New Found Glory
  120. Thursday
  121. Crucial Response Mailorder News December 2008
  122. I'm in love, this girl is AWESOME!!!
  123. Georgia Tech will beat LSU tonight or
  124. Did anyone else almost shit a brick when
  125. Thursday Taste of Chaos Tour
  126. The Phenomenauts
  127. Hi everyone
  128. Wuh oh!
  129. Not Without A Fight CD
  130. Plague Years
  131. Band artwork + designs
  132. my band needs some listening
  133. Yo xXBloodRedXx
  134. Pre Order Common Existence
  135. YO, did you hear?
  136. Our Last Night On Tour
  137. Superbowl Food
  138. Amazing Music Site!
  139. XO By Leathermouth Out Now
  140. Strungoutonlife Come Here d00d
  141. Thursday On The Cover Of AP
  142. Bring Me The Horizon On The Cover Of AP
  143. Friends that say they have your back vs. Friends that actually do
  144. Soulja Boy's Reaction to 1 Guy 1 Cup
  145. Black Mercedes of Promo (but with pictures)
  146. BMTH On Taste Of Chaos
  147. ISMFOF On Tour Now
  148. Friends In The Armed Forces Now Streaming
  149. Into Hells Mouth Now Streaming
  150. Satan
  151. Crucial Response Mailorder February 2009
  152. Pre-orders Bite Down 7", One Voice LP, Get The Most 7"
  153. Crucial Response Mailorder (Vegetarian Shoes for sale)
  154. Drop Dead,Gorgeous
  156. MUP Virginia trip end of March?
  157. HFD post pix here, I will
  158. This War Is Ours Tour
  159. Pre Order Youthanize
  160. Yo Sim, Guess what I'm having as an hors d'oeuvre at my wedding?
  161. Shwayze
  162. LA - April 11th - my band's first show
  163. I'm anti the new posters and open registration
  164. Yo Jon
  165. Hey can someone recommend another Remix DJ like Girl Talk?
  166. Get Hungry
  167. rwp
  168. Rancid just posted a new song
  169. MLB 2009 Season *spoilers*
  170. Short Run CDs, screen printing, CD and 7" specialized p
  171. MUP Dark Avengers
  172. I know you guys hate like mad, so ill post here
  173. Youthanize Out Now
  174. Barry come here d00d
  175. Skate or Dice
  176. Bad Religion apreesh
  177. Promo posters round table
  178. D&G News : April 2009 - Ironclad & DING Pre-Orders
  179. Someone post Dobi's story about Keepsake in this thread
  180. Drop Dead, Gorgeous
  181. Bring Me The Horizon
  182. What cereal do you eat on the reg?
  183. Crucial Response Mailorder Update May 2009
  184. BNO come here d00d
  185. The Friday Night Boys
  186. Taking pre-orders for Insurance Risk 12", Commit. Crew LP, new Defense 7"
  187. POISON IDEA Latest Will… WOODEN BOX - ebay auction!
  188. This is why I'm cooler than you
  190. Shield Recordings Update May 2009.
  191. The Hot N' Heavy Tour
  192. Chunk come here d00d
  193. ATTN: DIH
  194. Blaze of Glory Tour
  195. My pop punk band put up a new song
  196. Suicide Season Out Now
  197. The Best In Town Out Now!
  198. Escape The Fate on entire Warped Tour
  199. I Set My Friends On Fire on entire Warped Tour
  200. Sing It Loud on entire Warped Tour
  201. Crucial Response Mailorder Update July 2009
  202. D&G News : Death Is Not Glam LP 2nd press
  203. Shwayze
  204. I Set My Friends On Fire on The Warped Tour!
  205. Bring Me The Horizon on tour with Every Time I Die!
  206. Owl City
  207. Twitter
  208. Hockey
  209. Crucial Response Mailorder Update August 2009
  210. My Favorite Highway
  211. Shield Recordings is about to release a new Milkman album.
  212. Pre-Order New Junk Aesthetic!
  213. Vanna on the Atticus Tour!
  214. The Blackout's Debut Album Best In Town Out Now!
  215. Chunk come here d00d
  216. Yo asxyouxwish
  217. New Junk Aesthetic Out Now!
  218. Common Existence Tour
  219. blessthefall
  220. Vegetarian Shoes for sale!
  221. Crucial Response Mailorder Update October 2009
  222. New Crucial Response Releases Out Now!
  223. I need help choosing an artist for my comic book
  224. Vegetarian Shoes for sale!
  225. Insurance Risk LP, Commitment Crew LP, Defense 7" out now!
  226. TRANSIT - STAY HOME - 12" !!
  227. Said And Done update - new releases, March 2010 trip, new merch
  228. In Fear and Faith
  229. Breathe Carolina
  230. Artist Vs. Poet
  231. Mailorder Update December 2009
  232. Vegetarian Shoes for sale!
  233. Shield Recordings 5 year Sale.
  234. Crucial Response Mailorder Update December 2009
  235. Vegetarian Shoes for sale!
  236. Pre-order up now: This Routine is Hell – The Verve Crusade
  237. To Write Love on Her Arms
  238. Promo
  239. Said And Done - "Weight Of The World" pre-orders + Euro trip
  240. free record - the lows "in waves"
  241. Pre-order now: The Real Danger – Making Enemies LP/CD
  242. Pre-orders for Voice Of A Generation Fanzine #3
  243. Crucial Response Mailorder Update March 2010
  244. Crucial Response Mailorder | News April 2010 (1)
  245. Vegetarian Shoes for sale!
  246. Crucial Response Mailorder | News April 2010 (2)
  247. ANTILLECTUAL: New album and tours
  248. asxyouxwish come here dude
  249. Voice Of A Generation Zine No. 3/Abusive Action 7" pre-order
  250. Some Will Never Know blog/zine (Patrick Reaper, Jonah OLW, Harm NTB etc)